Rug Cleaning Services in Waldoboro & YARMOUTH ME


Rug Pre-Inspections

Our experts analyze the condition of the rug, along with the wear, pre-existing damage, color, etc. We determine the cleanability of each rug and the appropriate cleaning procedure to be used.

Pet Stain/Odors

Has your beloved pet had an accident? Don't despair we can help. At Rite Way Cleaning we have the tools and know how on to to handle the accidents on your carpets and rugs. Give us a call and we can discuss the remedy to your pet stains and odors.

Moth Treatment

Don't let pesky moths destroy your rugs! We have the knowhow and the tools to rid your rugs of pesky moths. We can also protect your rugs from future moth infestation with Resist Moth protection!
If you have moths in any of your rugs make sure to check all the rugs in your home, especially rugs with furniture on them. If you find Moths or moth damage be sure to contact us right away.

Dusting Made Easy

Foot traffic and dry soil act like sandpaper, damaging the fibers of your rug. We use the Rug Badger™ to remove harmful dust and dirt particles lying deep within the rug. This step is often referred to as "dusting."

Wash, Rinse, & Dry

Our experts wash both sides of your rug in a wash pit, using cold water and detergents made for wool. Next, we rinse the rug — an extremely important step. Rugs are rinsed until the water runs clean. Rugs are then dried overnight in our facility's climate-controlled drying room.

Final Inspection

At Rite Way Cleaning, we maintain the highest standards and practice a thorough inspection process. We won't hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the best possible service.

Repair & Restoration

Rite Way Cleaning provides everything from basic stabilization to major restoration of your Oriental rugs. Give us a call at (207) 542-4231, and we will discuss any repairs your rug may need. We also stabilize braided rugs!
Call us today at (207) 542-4231 for an estimate.